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Song of the Paper Dolls

Shake Off Your Nerve
Over Your Shoulder
That's the Punchline
Let You In
The Blizzard of '93
Let's Get Educated
Modern Art Museum
Look Out Your Window (not on the vinyl release)
Roy Orbison (not on the vinyl release)
The Recoys (A tribute song by the Lil' Fighters, written by Walter Martin of The Walkmen, from the dramatic perspective of Recoys guitarist Peter Bauer. not on the vinyl release)



The Recoys are a now defunct band that included Hamilton Leithauser and Peter Bauer of The Walkmen, Hugh MacIntosh, sometime drummer of the French Kicks, Damon Hege and Mike Sheehan. In the summer of 2003 Realistic Records and Troubleman Unlimited teamed up to put out an 8 song compilation of Recoys material on vinyl.

The record was released to much fanfare and The Recoys got back together for one last show to celebrate. It was a tremendous night.

The vinyl release sold out pretty quick. But now those of you who missed it can have it on cd. And those of you who have the vinyl: we managed to dig up three more songs (including an incomparable tribute to the band by the Lil' Fighters) making this cd, which we're calling THE RECOYS: REKOYS LP (+3), the most comprehensive collection of Recoys material in existence.

Email us with any inquiries about the cd or any other music related topics.

Realistic Records is Max Magee and Derek Teslik. They both grew up in DC and now Max lives in Philadelphia and Derek lives back in DC.